The Best of Public Access

  • Unarius Public Access

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    Our favorite public access videos from Unarius.

  • One Kid's Opinion


    We taped this 1991 public access show off TV in Wisconsin when we were in high school and still quote it obsessively today. A precocious 11-year-old named Mark reviews his recent trip to Disney World in incredible detail using the now standard Mickey rating system. If you want more opinions, we w...

  • Auction Alley

    Auction Alley took place in the back room of a thrift store in Oklahoma, intending to sell items they couldn't sell in the thrift store, and broadcasting it to viewers of the local public access station.

  • The Club


    A remarkable 1997 public access program/home movie from North Carolina featuring a man and his plumb simply awesome club.

  • Ohio Bigfoot Public Access

    Movie + 1 extra

    Host Don Keating takes public access viewers on a homemade video journey to find Ohio's elusive Abominable Snowman.

  • Petpourri

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    Get ready for a wild ride on Petpourri, where furry chaos meets expert advice! Join our spirited host, a pet shop maestro, as he tackles your burning animal questions amidst a delightful zoo of unruly critters. From chirps to barks and everything in between, it's a pet extravaganza where the unex...