SMC Too Hot For YouTube!

SMC Too Hot For YouTube!

These Shaturday Morning Cartoons were too hot for YouTube, we had to remove or edit them... but not here! You can finally enjoy all these highly sexual videos, as God meant them to be seen! (We assume it was flagged for sex... would be real lame if it was the relentless task master of Capitalism flagging our fair use as copyrighted)

SMC Too Hot For YouTube!
  • Pole Position with Mike Drucker - Shaturday Morning Cartoons

    Pole Position with Mike Drucker, flagged once again for breaking the speed limit! Check out this episode that stuck with George and enjoy some break dancing commercials with the gang and Mike Drucker!

  • Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch - Shaturday Morning Cartoons

    This week, we go wiggy as Nick's sister, Jessica Rausch, joins us to watch a 1974 cartoon about three bears trying to escape from a zoo. Sound like every other Hanna-Barbera cartoon from that era? It is, right down to ripping off a popular live-action sitcom from the era (The Phil Silvers Show). ...

  • Easter Is - Shaturday Morning Cartoons

    This week, Nick, Joe, George and Caitlin resurrect an obscure 1974 cartoon produced by Lutherans called "Easter Is." It's mostly about a kid who neglects a dog named Waldo but it gets Jesus-y at the end. Plus, highlights from Easter Seals telethons from years past, and a game show based on the Or...

  • Super Friends with Prof. Caitlin McGurk - Shaturday Morning Cartoons

    Another victim of being too awesome, it's been banned on YouTube and Facebook... it's Super Friends, an incredibly detailed SMC deep dive by George and the gang!

    The Legion of Shat presents: Shows We Can't Show, Volume 1. We smuggle in the Super Friends by watching a few choice clips plucked fro...

  • He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special - Shaturday Morning Cartoons

    Join Joe-Man, Nickor, and George-at-Arms as they welcome Nick Mayor and Jen Lemasters from Bric-A-Brac Records to watch the 1985 Masters of the Universe Christmas special. We cut it down from one hour to 20 minutes but it'll still feel like "Eternia." Plus, increasingly desperate He-Man commercia...

  • Wolf Rock TV with Jason Griffith - Shaturday Morning Cartoons

    This week on Shaturday, Nick, Joe and George welcome actor/voiceover artist/dope slanger Jason Griffith to watch a recently unearthed episode of the 1984 toon, Wolf Rock TV, starring radio legend Wolfman Jack. Plus, commercials featuring wolves and an impression game called "Wolfman Jack Off!" Oh...

  • Tom & Jerry & Johnny Ryan - Shaturday Morning Cartoons

    This week, the Shaturday crew is joined by one of their favorite cartoonists, Johnny Ryan, to watch two disturbing Tom and Jerry cartoons. Plus, commercials featuring cat-and-mouse teams, and the Blecky Yuckerella Punchline Game. Play along at home with us! This episode is not safe for kids,, eve...

  • Jem's Truly Outrageous Anti-Drug Episode! - Shaturday Morning Cartoons

    The fellaz welcome on animation writer Albertina Rizzo (and also Joe's wife) to watch the infamous anti-drug Jem episode "Alone Again," full of important messages, inspiring music and trippy anti-drug animation. Grab your drugs (or sugary cereal) and just say no!

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  • Rambo with Caitlin - Shaturday Morning Cartoons

    Cartoon aficionado and Fruity Pebbles enthusiast, Caitlin McGurk puts on her finest pajamas and joins the fellas to watch Rambo: The Force Of Freedom. Plus bootleg toys, a slideshow of cartoons spawned by rated-R movies and lots of Rambo, a hero who rarely wears a shirt.

  • Rock N Wrestling with Henry Gilbert - Shaturday Morning Cartoons

    “Talking Simpsons" co-host and cartoon aficionado, Henry Gilbert joins Joe, Nick and George to watch a thrilling episode of Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling and eat cereal that's part of a complete breakfast. Plus wrestling toy commercials and a guaranteed copyright claim.