Home Movies

Some famous, some infamous, others absolutely tedious... but all an absolutely amazing document of Americana and a time that no longer exists. Thanks to a bold cinematographer, we have this slice of their lives preserved. For better of for worse.

  • Hose Plant
    Movie + 1 extra

    Hose Plant

    Movie + 1 extra

    Somewhere in Ontario in the 90s, a guy who worked at a garden hose factory brought his camcorder to work and he and his co-workers made movie magic.

  • Kirk's 40th


    Found in a Salvation Army in Marshfield Wisconsin, Kirk's 40th Birthday features the charming birthday boy, Kirk, his biker buddies, his attention-starved kids and a cake with breasts.

  • Queens Home Movie

    Joe was at an estate sale in Queens in 2005 and saw a camcorder for sale for $10. He purchased it, brought it home, plugged it in and out popped this gem of a home movie. Joe still wonders if that was David Lynch's estate sale.

  • Joby's Home Movie Collection

    1 season

    Home movies pulled from Joby's personal collection. We've shown some of his videos on VCR Party Live, here are longer cuts of those videos as well as some you haven't seen! Give a shout out if you want to see longer versions of any of them.

  • The Club

    A remarkable 1997 public access program/home movie from North Carolina featuring a man and his plumb simply awesome club.