Found Footage Festival Short Films

Found Footage Festival Short Films

Rare, unknown, unseen short film discoveries by Found Footage Festival
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Found Footage Festival Short Films
  • It's a Wonderful Joe

    An angel is sent from Heaven to help a desperately frustrated businessman by showing him what life would have been like if he had never existed. His coworkers, Steve, George and Nick would have had pretty prosperous lives, actually. In the end, Joe learns a valuable lesson, then immediately forge...

  • Gas 'N Fuel Employee Training Video #4A: Makin' It Happen

    Welcome to Gas 'N Fuel! You're in luck. Our new trainee, Chris, is expected any minute now. Join Chris and his crew trainer, Shelly, as you all work together as a team towards a common goal: making Gas 'N Fuel the best international oil corporation in the world!

  • Glue Man

    Nick Douglas is a documentary filmmaker's best friend. He is a "professional expert," a talking head who can glue everything together, a man who's always got the perfect sound bite for any documentary, whether it's about Winston Churchill, Woodstock or the color blue. In "Glue Man," Nick tells th...

  • Clean

    Shot in-camera on Super 8mm, no editing. Directed by David Palmer.

  • The Bathtub

    The Bathtub - Short Film - directed by Dylan Mars Greenberg
    FULL ARTICLE streaming in Yahoo! Entertainment
    TRAILER in BrooklynVegan:
    “10/10” from Lorry Kitka at Film Threat - “Dylan uses every available inch of the...

  • Unsomniac


    Undiscovered short film shot, in camera on Super 8mm, no editing. Directed by David Palmer

  • Safe Distance

    Safe Distance short film by David Palmer
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