Found Footage Festival Mixtapes

Found Footage Festival Mixtapes

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Found Footage Festival Mixtapes
  • America's Runniest Home Videos - Strange Tapes Zine MIXTAPE

    From Strange Tapes Zine

    A found footage mixtape featuring clips from some of the most awkward, unsettling, and hilarious home movies ever captured by a camcorder.

    Highlights include:
    • Drunk people rapping
    • Uncomfortable family gatherings
    • Wacky animal...

  • Andrew's Grab Bag - Strange Men Montage

    A seemingly unrelated collection of clips, but the one thing they all have in common: Strange Men! A quick montage of Strange Men from Andrew's Grab Bag. (Plus Pole Dancing... because, oh, that Andrew...)

  • CHiPs Tape

    For the first time anywhere online, it's the legendary tape-traded video of every the freeze frame ending from the show CHiPs.

  • Letterman Locals MIxtape

    Mixtape of local commercials that aired during David Letterman in the late 80s.
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  • Zany Zingers Mixtape

    Old fashion Mix Tape of some FFF classics. These clips are available on the Zany Zingers DVD
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  • The Best of Talkin' Beards (1997-2006)

    The Best of Talkin' Beards (1997-2006)

    If you were still awake at 2am on Tuesdays in New York City during the late 90s, you were likely familiar with MNN's least popular public access show, Talkin' Beards with Nick Prueher.

  • X-mas Mixtape

    X-mas Mixtape

    Someone cool sent us this Christmas compilation they made in 2011. Thanks, cool person!
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