Difficult To Make Love To


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    Nick and George strap in to watch the entire second season of ALF in a row with commercials with the show's 35th anniversary

  • Dinner Dancing With Frank Pacholski

    Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to the extraordinary spectacle that is "Dinner Dancing With Frank Pacholski"! Picture this: our avant-garde virtuoso, Frank, takes center stage amidst a sea of bewildered senior citizens, ready to witness the dance performance of a lifetime. With every daring ...

  • A/V Geeks Presents: Sudden Birth

    Found Footage Festival and Skip Elsheimer of A/V Geeks have teamed up to produce a special curation of sex, danger and birth! This episode: Birth! In this instructional film from 1966, a police officer uses his emergency training to help a woman give birth before she can reach the hospital.


  • Baby Rapper

    Whether you love the Beatles, love hip-hop or are a huge fan of babies, Baby Rapper is NOT the video for you! One of Simitar's finest releases, Baby Rapper is sure to confuse every viewer.

  • Songer-Thon


    Joe, Nick, George and Tim Harrod sit through 12 hours of comedy routines by the internet's worst. comedian, Daniel Songer!