Vintage TOTs (Taped-Off-TV)

Vintage TOTs (Taped-Off-TV) VHS, a grab bag adventure of content. You never know what you'll get! They come in two flavors, NZO (commercials "not zapped out") or ZO (commercials "zapped out").

  • Grandpa Bowling KEEP

    This vintage TOT (taped-off-TV) from the Green Bay region of Wisconsin was likely curated by someone's first! It features a local bowling tournament, local news stories and low-budget local ads. But then grandma took over! And it abruptly shifts to daytime soap operas and after schoo...

  • Bonion Sergery Parts 1, 2 and 3

    3 items

    Bonion Sergery Parts 1, 2 and 3

  • ScrappyRat Mixtape

    4 items

    In the mid-90s, ScrappyRat (aka Veronica) kept a VHS tape in her VCR and recorded cool things while was flipping channels. Even better, she lived in Florida and captured low-budget local commercials, public access hypnosis shows and a low-budget "Cops" style show but with local Florida police. Th...