Video Highlight

A collection of featured videos hand-picked for your enjoyment.

  • VCR Party Classic Clips! Joe's favorites from 2020

    Here's a taste of some of Joe's favorite clips that he edited for episodes of VCR Party Live! in 2020.

  • Males In Motion

    Less is more. Males In Motion. That's it. Males, and their dongs, in motion.

  • Grandpa Bowling KEEP

    This vintage TOT (taped-off-TV) from the Green Bay region of Wisconsin was likely curated by someone's first! It features a local bowling tournament, local news stories and low-budget local ads. But then grandma took over! And it abruptly shifts to daytime soap operas and after schoo...

  • Auction Alley

    Auction Alley took place in the back room of a thrift store in Oklahoma, intending to sell items they couldn't sell in the thrift store, and broadcasting it to viewers of the local public access station.

  • Baby Rapper

    Whether you love the Beatles, love hip-hop or are a huge fan of babies, Baby Rapper is NOT the video for you! One of Simitar's finest releases, Baby Rapper is sure to confuse every viewer.

  • 20th Anniversary Live Found Footage Festival

    Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Found Footage Festival, this star-studded show played in Brooklyn on April 3rd, 2024. Melindas from all over the country flew in for this one night spectacular... and Joe didn't go to the hospital! Now you can watch it on Rewindo!