VCR Party's Over

VCR Party's Over

It sure was great having everyone over. What a great night! So... why are people still lingering around?! Leave! If you need a little help in getting people out the door, here's a collection of party stoppers! Throw these on and turn up the volume and just watch how fast people head for the door! VCR Party Live?! More like VCR Party's Over!

VCR Party's Over
  • The Seven Dorfs

    Nick had the idea to combine all seven of Tim Conway's Dorf videos - Dorf on Golf, Dorf’s Golf Bible, Dorf Goes Fishing, Dorf and the First Games of Mt. Olympus, Dorf on the Diamond, Dorf Goes Auto Racing, and Dorf Da Bingo King - and the result is nothing short of art.

  • Nacho Chihuahua: The Movie


    Nacho the Chihuahua is in for the surprise of his life when he and his turbulent girlfriend El Niña run away from home to find Nacho's homeland, South of the Border. Their quest for adventure turns to danger when the two become targets of a gang of wild dogs. It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions...

  • Dinner Dancing With Frank Pacholski

    Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to the extraordinary spectacle that is "Dinner Dancing With Frank Pacholski"! Picture this: our avant-garde virtuoso, Frank, takes center stage amidst a sea of bewildered senior citizens, ready to witness the dance performance of a lifetime. With every daring ...

  • Songer-Thon


    Joe, Nick, George and Tim Harrod sit through 12 hours of comedy routines by the internet's worst. comedian, Daniel Songer!

  • A/V Geeks Presents: Sudden Birth

    Found Footage Festival and Skip Elsheimer of A/V Geeks have teamed up to produce a special curation of sex, danger and birth! This episode: Birth! In this instructional film from 1966, a police officer uses his emergency training to help a woman give birth before she can reach the hospital.