VCR Party's On!

VCR Party's On!

Let's face it, you don't have the kinds of friends that want to listen to Spotify, munch on caviar topped cucumbers and talk about current events. When you bust open the Funyuns and pull the pizza rolls from the toaster oven, start playing one of these gems and gather around for a really good night. I mean, not good in a quality sense. More a bad good. It's like you are Steve, directing an episode of VCRPL and your friends are less ginger versions of Nick and more hairy versions of Joe, laughing at weird and wacky videos. VCR Party's On!

VCR Party's On!
  • VCR Party EP Mode - Memorial Day 2000 Season 2 Episode 17

    Nick and Joe watch more of the infamous Memorial Day 2000. Get ready you fuckin' whip shit of all fuckin' shitter bongers!

  • Found Footage Festival: Cherished Gems


    From nose-picking news anchors to piano-playing rabbits, from accident-prone factory workers to speedo-wearing dancers, from rentable friends to butt campers, this sparking collection of Found Footage Festival's most cherished VHS finds has it all!

    Plus, enjoy new where-are-they now updates on...

  • Heavy Metal Parking Lot 35th Anniversary Party


    Join directors John Heyn and Jeff Krulik for a virtual screening of the seminal 1986 documentary chronicling the parking lot outside a Judas Priest concert at the Capital Centre in Maryland. Hosted by Joe and Nick from the Found Footage Festival and featuring:

    -Rarely seen footage from the 35-ye...

  • Tape Trading Classics


    Hosts Joe Pickett (The Onion) and Nick Prueher (Late Show) take you back in time to the pre-internet 90s to resurrect the best "tape traded" videos passed from weirdo to weirdo on VHS. Highlights include "Pastor Gas," "Metallica Drummer," celebrity outtakes featuring a drunk Orson Welles and a fo...

  • Playboy's Roller Disco & Pajama Party


    Taped off TV in 1979, this prime time special features Hugh Hefner, Cheryl Tiegs, Bill Cosby, the sassy puppet Madame, and The Village People. Plus, all the original commercials and a news lead-in about the Iran hostage crisis!

  • Monsters of Rock & Roar

    Are you ready for 45 heart pounding Nick's Excitement Corner minutes of raw animal power!? No. No you are not. You better buckle up, grab your ankles and get ready for one hell of a monster truck frenzy!

  • Rent-A-Friend


    Rent-A-Friend long description

  • Unarius Public Access

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    Our favorite public access videos from Unarius.

  • Heavy Metal Picnic


    At long last, from the filmmakers of the classic dubbed-VHS sensation Heavy Metal Parking Lot comes Heavy Metal Picnic. It's 1985 at the Full Moon Jamboree, a weekend field party bacchanal that took place at "the Farm," home to a cast of colorful characters who lived and partied alongside unamuse...