Everyone Sing-A-Long!

  • Sing-Along With Frank Woehrle - Part 1

    Step into the whimsical universe of Frank Woehrle, where his cherished collection of VHS tapes transforms living rooms into stages for delightful performances aimed at entertaining seniors. Against the backdrop of low-quality sets and endearing, haphazard editing, Frank takes the spotlight with h...

  • Lindow Man Campaign Song

    In an eerie blend of innocence and haunting curiosity, a video surfaces featuring children singing a chilling melody about The Lindow Man. Their innocent voices, laced with an unsettling nostalgia, weave a tale of yearning and an inexplicable desire for the return of this ancient enigma. As their...

  • Harvey Sid Fisher - Astrology Songs

    Singer-songwriter Harvey Sid Fisher recorded an original song for each sign of the zodiac, then went down to his local public access to record a video demo. Plus, he brought along interpretive dancers.

  • The Best of Stairway to Stardom

    Stairway to Stardom aired on Manhattan public access from 1979 through the early 2000s. Host Frank Masi would bring on aspiring comedians, musicians, singers and dancers.

  • Baby Rapper

    Whether you love the Beatles, love hip-hop or are a huge fan of babies, Baby Rapper is NOT the video for you! One of Simitar's finest releases, Baby Rapper is sure to confuse every viewer.