EP Mode Too Hot For YouTube!

EP Mode Too Hot For YouTube!

These EP Modes were too hot for YouTube, we had to remove or edit them... but not here! You can finally enjoy all these highly sexual videos, as God meant them to be seen! (We assume it was flagged for sex... would be real lame if it was the relentless task master of Capitalism flagging our fair use as copyrighted)

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EP Mode Too Hot For YouTube!
  • Males In Motion (Warning: Dongs)

    WARNING: DONGS! To close out Hunktober, Joe and Nick pop in the questionably sexy striptease VHS of Males in Motion and watch it in all its NSFW glory. We hope you're cool with this, Vimeo!

  • EP Mode - Star Wars Grab Bag!

    Joe and Nick blast off to a galaxy that's out of this world! Just kidding, they actually just sit there and watch 3 ridiculous Star Wars cash-grabs that may or may not involve buffet danglers.

  • VCR Party EP Mode - Computer Escapes

    We're closing out the month of Baberuary with a doozy found by Scott of Strange Tapes Strange Show, from the makers of How To Have Cybersex on the internet! It's 1996's Computer Escapes: Sensual Reality. It's got everything: microchips, nudity, jet skis, and Gary. Is this another Video of the Yea...

  • VCR Party EP Mode - Mermaids Illustrated

    We celebrate the dynamic anchor team of Lori and Corbett in a preview of the movies of Mermaids Illustrated, featuring zero mermaids. Plus, stay tuned for an extended hunk dance from Brian the Tennis Player of "Males In Motion."

    -Nick & Joe

  • VCR Party EP Mode - Best Biker Tunes [NSFW]

    Joe and Nick thought that watching an Easyrider Magazine VHS tape from 2000 would be a good idea - and it made sense on paper - but, oh boy, a little bit goes a long way. So get your motor running, head out on the highway and buckle up for some kazoo rock that'll blow your chaps off.

  • VCR Party EP Mode - Playboy's Roller Disco & Pajama Party

    We're joined by vintage TV collector Rhys from Australia as we watch the 1979 ABC television special, "Playboy's Roller Disco & Pajama Party," which took place at the height of the Iran crisis. Richard Dawson, The Village People, Chuck Mangione, Wayland Flowers and Madame, Hugh Hefner, James Caan...

  • VCR Party EP Mode - Erotic Women Pt 1

    We found it! The video of the lingerie painting a ceramic clown doll has been tracked down, despite its generic name, "Erotic Women." Meet a variety of half naked ladies doing their favorite random hobbies while semi-clad, in between scripted banter by our trusty hosts. It's an early contender fo...

  • VCR Party EP Mode - Rugby Karaoke UNCENSORED!

    Our UK tour manager Michael Clapham joins us for what could be the video of the year: a British tape of bawdy rugby songs from 1993. Warning: There's full frontal nudity right out of the gate on this one, and some less than evolved song lyrics, and a surprising amount of monkeys. All that being s...