Breakin' a Sweat

Need to lose some of those unwanted YouTube watching pounds? A healthy lifestyle consists of regular doses of VCR Party Live and spending a little time each day working out to these gems. Don't forget to hydrate with a beverage in a Fun Mug, purchased from the FFF Store!

  • Rocks Winning Workout Without Weights

    Welcome to Rock's Winning Workout Without Weights! Join us in a backyard fitness fiesta with Rock and friends. Unleash your inner strength as we sweat, laugh, and embrace the mantra: 'We did our best. If we had been prepared, we could've done better.' Get ready for a workout that rocks your body ...

  • Todd Weeks Self-Defense Workout

    Join Todd Weeks for a homemade self-defense instructional video in his basement recorded in his basement.
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  • Males In Motion

    Less is more. Males In Motion. That's it. Males, and their dongs, in motion.